Setting Goals

I have never set myself goals, or new years resolutions before, but recently i have started to set myself daily goals, 1 weekly goal, 1 3 month goal, and 1 year goal. I have been watching a lot of inspirational videos that have made me realise how much i procrastinate and why each day of mine tends to be the same without any progress in my life.

Most people I have listened to sets their goals in the morning. They decide what they want their outcomes or there tasks to be for that day, and while that works for some which is great, it just doesn’t do anything for me. I find myself waking up with no motivation to do anything and go to bed wanting to achieve everything, by which time im too tired to do it. So i came up with a solution to fix that problem and start being productive each day, even though it is only accomplishing small tasks. I have been writing myself what i want to do the next day and what i want the outcomes to be. The next day i wake up and the first thing i see is the list of goals i previously set myself. I find this is a great way to motivate myself throughout the day just doing a little at a time slowly building it up.

The goals I am setting myself are so small at the moment, but i find building up the habit of goal setting and achieving these goals much more important than jumping into big goals that are going to affect my entire life but that are much harder to achieve. I believe slowly getting into the habit or slowly breaking a habit is the best way to keep the momentum of it.

Do you set goals? When and how do you set them?


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