Appreciating all fathers out there.

I want to dedicate todays post to 3 very important people in my life, my partner, my dad and my step-dad. These 3 people hold a special place in my heart each for very different reasons.

My partner, who is about to be a daddy for the second time has had to put up with a lot from this pregnancy already, yet he doesn’t complain. I appreciate how much time he’s dedicated to inject my insulin every single night from where i cant twist round anymore to do it myself. I appreciate all the times he runs to grab me food or a drink from going hypo. I appreciate the way he lets me take up over half the bed with my pregnancy pillow behind me and another under my growing bump. I appreciate him carrying every single bag of shopping every time while i walk at a snail’s pace next to him complaining im tired. These are just the small things creating a big difference , and i want to thank him for them.

My Dad, I appreciate the way he gives me advice whenever i need it and rings me the second i text him. I appreciate the memories we’ve created together. I appreciate that you’ve always been there for me and my siblings never missing a weekend to see us as kids, always taking us on little day trips to different places every summer holiday even though we had no money. I appreciate that you always made and make the effort to be there for us. I appreciate and look up to you for always being such a hard worker throughout your whole life even through the obstacles in life.

My Step-Dad, I appreciate that you have always treated me like your own daughter. I appreciate that you didn’t know any of us as kids yet you still took the time to get to know us. I appreciate all the time and effort to bring my mum to see me even though we live miles away. I appreciate you always being there for me also.

I want to finish off by thanking everyone else out there that are dad’s, whether that’s biologically or not, your amazing. Happy Father’s Day. Post a comment below saying who you want to thank for father’s day.


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