The Question that made me think.

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing great! Today i was approached by somebody at work who asked me if i was counting down the days untill my due date. I replied i was keeping track and im extremely excited to meet my baby but i stated that id miss being pregnant.  This was when she asked me the question that really made me think hard.

“why?” “why do you enjoy being pregnant?”

I was lost for words as i really hadn’t thought about what it was about being pregnant that i love so much. This has been on my mind for the rest of the day and i still havent really come up with an actual answer. I love the feeling of the kicks and punches and the all the hiccups and different type of movements going on inside, I love knowing that i am creating a life inside me and how amazing that i am able to do that. I love the look of the bump thats growing more and more everyday.Even the cramps in my leg at night and the itchy belly and the uncomfortable feeling of braxton hicks or the pain when the baby is laying on a nerve, i still seem to love, just the experience and knowing that every moment this baby is growing inside me is so special and amazing and unique.

After really thinking about it i came to the conclusion i dont have a reason that i love being pregnant and nor do i need one because every moment good or bad is a moment i want to cherish and enjoy as much as possible.

Leave me a comment below, id love to hear some of the questions you’ve been asked during pregnancy or in your life in general that has made you stop and think.


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