Midwife and diabetes checkup

So today I had my 28 week hospital visit to see the midwife,diabetes team and consultant. I’m going to start off by saying that it was fairly interesting.

I was told I needed my 28 week bloods drawn…routine bloods, no big deal. I’m used to it taking about 2 attempts as apparently my veins like to move. Little did i know id spend the next half hour sitting down then laying down then sitting back up again…5 attempts later until there was finally blood! I had 3 different nurses and midwives all try with each of them feeling guilty and apologetic. I then had the fetal height measured, at 28 weeks 6 days baby is in the 60th centile!

I then had my diabetes checkup, i had my HBA1C results back as 7.6% which isn’t perfect but they are pretty damn good for me, considering i used to be around 11 or 12%. I feel very proud of myself to finally have my sugar levels and a much more reasonable range and hope this serves me and my baby well. I am now however at the point in my pregnancy where my sugar levels and insulin levels are going to start increasing, which i have been experiencing in the last week or so.

Finally an hour and half later after first arriving at the hospital i sit back in the waiting room. I look around and im the only patient left. The receptionists were just getting ready to go home, when they realised there was some sort of misunderstanding and my consultant had already left! After a few minutes of more waiting another consultant came out and resolved the situation.

So that’s all for today, let me know below how your day has been and what your most recent HBA1C was.


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